Workset Six

Workset Six: Develop a network of authors within each HELINA country in collaboration with the country representative, to help and advise Health Informaticians who wish to publish a paper but lack the skills or confidence to do so.

Coordinator: Binyam Tilahun, Ethiopia

Participants: Dr Helen Betts, South Africa; Prof Graham Wright, South Africa: Dr Frank Verbeke, Burundi,

Mentor, support and advise junior Health Informaticians who are planning to Publish a paper in a HELINA – IMIA event or Journal

To provide with a pre-submission review system of papers to increase the paper acceptance rate by offering advice and feedback to neophyte authors from Africa.

1. Create a database of potential advisors in collaboration with HELINA Countries and International IMIA members
2. Identify authors who would wish to have mentorship in developing a paper for publication with a HELINA publishing partnerships.
3. Provide a link to author guidelines from HELINA publishing partnerships

1. Establish a series of publishing Partnership with HELINA groups. For example the Journal of Health Informatics in Africa which is an official Journal of the Pan African Health Informatics Association (HELINA) published by Koegni-eHealth Innovation for Development. Each HELINA conference could also be a potential partnership

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