Worksets Overview

The format for the activities of the Working Group will be through Worksets. Each workset will haveĀ  defined activities, which will be undertaken by members who have volunteered to give their time and expertise in specific planned activity on behalf of HELINA.

Each Workset will have a coordinator who will be responsible for the Workset. They will recruit and manage the activities and projects within the Worksets and prepare progress reports for the Chair to present to the HELINA Board and HELINA General Assembly when requested.

The current worksets for 2015 are as follows – a separate page is able for each workset, providing further detail of plans, activities, membership, etc.:

  • Workset One: Developing Health Informatics Curriculum for French Speaking Participants.
  • Workset Two: Developing a repository of training materials for Health Informatics.
  • Workset Three: Compile a Database of Health Informatics Curricula from Africa, having details of contacts and the current validated document.
  • Workset Four: Develop a repository of tools to enable the development of Curriculum Curriculum at Masters Level.
  • Workset Five: Work with education and training providers to foster the provision of Health Informatics using Web 2 technologies to provide free access to events for African Health Informatics participants.
  • Workset Six: Develop a network of authors within each HELINA country in collaboration with the country representative, to help and advise Health Informaticians who wish to publish a paper but lack the skills or confidence to do so.
  • Workset Seven: Develop short-term certification program for professional in English and French speaking countries. The certification will be in blended learning.

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