Workset Five

Workset Five: Work with education and training providers to foster the provision of Health Informatics using Web 2 technologies to provide free access to events for African Health Informatics participants.

Coordinator: Dr Peter Murray, South Africa (email: peter[at]



To provide access to online health informatics events and materials by health informatics professionals and others, primarily in Africa, but also elsewhere.


1. Identify and explore potential appropriate free or low cost tools and technologies to provide access to events and materials for health informaticians in Africa.
2. Identify education and training providers who are willing and able to provide events/materials.
3. Work with education and training providers to make events and materials available to health informaticians in Africa using Web 2 technologies.


1. Health informaticians in Africa are able to access, using Web 2 technologies, events and materials relevant to their professional education and practice.

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