Workset Four

Workset Four: Develop a repository of tools to enable the development of Curriculum Curriculum at Masters Level.

Coordinator: Seth Afagbedzi, Ghana


To develop a repository of aids foe curriculum development, such that African Countries have a solid, common scientific basis for the development of a local curriculum which is informed by IMIA documents and current practice in other African countries.

To compile a database of existing Masters level Health Informatics curriculum and tools in use in Africa

1. Create a database for the information collected using the HELINA website
2. Identified the countries and institutions in Africa implementing or about to implement Masters in Health Informatics programme and obtain existing curriculum
3. Identify various Health Informatics tools used by the different countries and institutions to support the curriculum

1. Devise a research project to test curriculum development tools

Estimated Timeline: May 2015 – September 2017

Outcomes: A repository/database of Masters Level HI curriculum and supporting informatics tools in use in universities and institutions all over Africa.

Benefits: To guide the HELINA Education Work group to develop a standardised and a robust curriculum to fit the African context.

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