Workset Two

Workset Two: Developing a repository of training materials for Health Informatics.

Coordinator: Nutefe Elikplim Achoribo, Ghana

Participants: Selasie Brown (Ghana)

Aims: To provide a one-stop access point for Health Informatics’ training materials.

Objective: To develop a repository using Web 2 technologies of various training materials.

1. Launch the educational platform (Presentation, posters and exhibition at conferences).
2. Promotion and marketing of Platform among HELINA & IMIA members
3. Workshop for National Societies members and Health Informatics Lecturers.

1. Call to HI leaders from Prof Wright to donate a copy of Keynote or Inaugural Professorial Lectures.
2. Review of existing free access materials starting with IT-Eductra education material and store them on Dropbox using the IMIA Knowledge Base headings as directories.
3. Call to HI societies, HI institutions (Research, University) and HI conferences and known leaders to share materials and to donate copy of free access Health Informatics Education material, presentations and keynote.

Estimated Timeline: March 2016

Outcomes: Web driven platform for Health Informatics Learning Materials.

1. Reduce the time and effort by sharing content or learning materials across Africa.
2. Support re-use and re-purposing which is especially beneficial with Health informatics learning resources
3. Allow cost efficiencies and decrease duplication of effort.
4. Encourage improvement in teaching practice and offer a one-stop access point for Health Informaticians.
5. Support course development.
6. Encourage multidisciplinary collaboration and sharing.
7. Provide 24hrs 7 days accessibility

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